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Organizational Development


"How did Leslie serve me and Coca-Cola in the ten years she was my coach and organizational consultant? Wow, hard to say it all in just a few words. Leslie has taught me more than anyone else I’ve ever known..." - Jackie Stradley

For over 40 years, I have specialized in organizational development to a range of companies from small entrepreneurial organizations to huge multi-nationals. During those years I have served as a trusted advisor to leaders who have been committed to enhancing the effectiveness of their organizations as well as growing its volume.

Through consultation, we help to clarify the organization's mission, identify the vision for the future, explore the strategic variables which will impact the achievement of that future, and explore how to organize, develop and mobilize the human resources of the organization to get there! We also assess the organization to determine roadblocks or bottlenecks to success and help leaders and employees to work effectively together to overcome these obstacles. The work inevitably includes a range ofmanagement and leadership development activities to assure the growth of human capital. We also provide training to employees across the board in communication skills, teamwork and change management.


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